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About the Uganda Governance Pulse

The Uganda Governance Pulse (UGP) is an independent initiative whose goal is to track citizens’ perceptions on the economy and governance in Uganda by conducting regular and scientifically rigorous public perception surveys. UGP is a collaborative initiative dedicated to undertaking regular tracking of public perceptions on selected economic and governance trends in Uganda to promote informed public policy discourse in the country. UPG is conceived as the most comprehensive and intellectually rigorous public perception survey ever to be undertaken in Uganda. The UGP process and report is managed by an Independent Experts Peer Group (IEPG) who are responsible for developing the methodology, overseeing fieldwork, data collection, data analysis and production of the UGP reports. At its 7 th working session in August 2020, the Independent Expert Peer Group adopted the following topics to be covered by the survey.

  1. Perceptions on economic performance and trends
  2. Political freedom and expression
  3. Conduct of elections and public confidence in elections governing bodies
  4. Public confidence in institutions of state and the leaders of these institutions at the time of the survey
  5. Public perceptions on the role and place of the army in Uganda’s politics and society
  6. Public perceptions on citizens control of government (who has most power in the country)
  7. Perceptions regarding choice of president
  8. Perceptions on constitutional guarantees/safeguards for peaceful transfer of power
  9. Hot button issue at the time of the survey
  10. Public perception of the overall general direction of the country
With the exception of the “hot button” issues that may change at every survey, the rest of the topics will be surveyed regularly to generate trends data over a longer period of time.

Meet the members of the Independent Expert Peer Group (IEPG)

The Uganda Governance Pulse is managed by the Independent Expert Peer Group (IEPG). IEPG is comprised of independent minded eminent Ugandans drawn from academia, policy practice, civil society and politics. The mandate of the IEPG is provide strategic oversight over the UGP process to ensure that the survey process is scientifically rigorous and independent of the potential biases of IEPG members or the hosting and financing entities.

Experts Bios

Learn more about the IEPG by downloading the IEPG Charter here: IEPG Charter

First edition of the Uganda Governance Pulse

The first edition of the Uganda Governance Pulse report was published and launched in August 2020. The Report is based on a survey conducted in mid-March 2020 prior to the UGP Report 2020.pdf imposition of COVID19 lockdown measures. The report can be downloaded here: First Edition

Second edition of the Uganda Governance Pulse

The process to produce the second edition of the Uganda Governance Pulse is already underway. The IEPG approved the revised methodology at its 7 th working session in August 2020. The target is to publish the report in mid-November 2020 soon after the nomination of candidates for president, parliamentary and local council elections scheduled to be completed at the beginning of November 2020.