The annual executive training programme on extractives and investments.

The EAC Extractives Barometer Project (under which the East Africa training on extractives is designed) seeks to increase the level of knowledge and understanding of the extractives sector in the region among different stakeholder audiences including the public sector, private sector, civil society, academia and activists. Under this project, GLISS provides leadership in designing and implementing a collaborative regional executive training course on extractives. Modeled along the Columbia Centre on Sustainable Investments (CCSI) training program, the East Africa Executive Training Program on Extractives is designed to bring together 30 participants annually into a two weeks intensive training on the extractives in the sector. The anticipated result from this activity is a growing network of researchers and practioners equipped with skills and knowledge to adequately address a wide range of issues regarding extractives in the East African sub-region.

Testimonials from some of the students

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