African Development Bank Stimulus Package For South Sudan For Covid-19 Fight.

As most developing countries struggle with the pandemic that has ravaged global economies, the African Development Bank (ADB) has approved  $4.16 million towards the fight against Covid-19 in South Sudan. The purpose of the grant is to strengthen the country’s capacity to detect Covid-19 cases and prevent further spread in a country with a broken health system. The bulk of activities under the Bank-funded project are expected to focus on improving facilities for the management of Covid-19 cases, which includes the procurement of oxygen cylinders and the recruitment and training of health workers. The grant intends to bolster the capacity to detect cases and trace the contacts.

The Africa Development Bank (ADB) is acting quickly to step up support in responding to the Covid-19 crisis as its member countries like South Sudan face wide ranges of consequences that may include the risk of a recession.The crisis comes at a time when South Sudan is recovering from a fragile conflict that has killed thousands and displaced millions from their country. Having formed a unitary government between President Salva Kiir and his nemesis rebel Leader Dr Riek Machar, there has been a semblance of order and normalcy gaining traction as the leaders began to pick the pieces. No one at the moment knows for sure, how the pandemic will affect this fledgling democracy as it struggles to rebuild itself going forward.