Africa Industrialization Day

Africa Industrialization Day, celebrated yearly every 20 th of November is a day set aside to celebrate Africa’s milestone in the industrial sector, promote collaboration among African countries, address challenges being faced and provide a platform for opportunity sharing. Africa Industrialization week 2021 will be the 31 st year of celebration since the inception in 1990. This week-long celebration will see Africa’s leaders, entrepreneurs, stakeholders (Public and private) come together to discuss and find ways of enhancing Africa’s existing Industrialization sector while harnessing future opportunities. 

The theme for Africa Industrialization Day 2021  is “Industrializing Africa: Renewed Commitment Towards an Inclusive and Sustainable Industrialization and Economic Diversification”. This theme sheds light on the importance of not only promoting Industrialization in Africa but parties committing to proper inclusive strategies that will cut across various sectors and meet the needs of its people economically, socially and environmentally without compromising the ability of future needs to be sustained.


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