About us

The Great Lakes Institute for Strategic Studies (GLISS) is Africa’s leading independent public policy research and do think tank based in Kampala, Uganda. Our scope of work covers the twelve member states of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR). Our core mission is to undertake evidence-based research to generate new ideas that help society confront contemporary public policy problems and challenges. We are committed to promote understanding of complex regional issues and development policy challenges that require regional and global cooperation. Our motivation is to provide evidence-based policy options that put men, women and young people at the centre of policy development and policy implementation at all levels.

Our Mission

To accelerate socio-economic transformation and inclusive development in the Great Lakes sub-region by providing evidence-based policy options that put men, women and the youth at the center of development policy and policy implementation.

Our Vision

The vision of GLISS to become one of Africa’s leading independent policy think tanks working on contemporary and emerging public policy issues at the global, continental and sub-regional level.

Our Programmes

The research agenda of GLISS is rooted in independent and open-minded inquiry representing the diverse points of view of our researchers, associates and independent experts. Our programmes cover a wide range of policy areas including governance, development, climate and cyber policy.

GLISS Strategy

Our programme strategy is driven by our commitment to promote cross-country learning and peer influence hence leading to innovation and consistent improvements in policy design and policy implementation at the regional and national level. Our Regional Reference Study Groups (RRSGs) provide an innovative platform for experts and practitioners across the region to engage in policy conversations beyond the geographical limits of their respective countries.